Hello and welcome

SAM_0148My new blog is about the realities of the ordinary lives of:

  • people with disabilities
  • the parents of a son or daughter with a disability
  • those who have a partner, relative or close friend with a disability

and the ways in which their lives can be improved. It is also about the ways in which those who work in the education or support services for people with disabilities or their families can make it possible for people to live the life that suits them best.

My name is Matthew Griffiths.


 I have worked to improve the lives of disabled people for more than forty years and I have learned a great deal from them, their families and friends and those who work with and for them. My two sons, with their very different disabilities, have also been not only a great source of joy but also of learning and roller coaster emotions. I have decided to share my all experience and the experience of others, especially those who have a disability or who live or work closely with someone with a disability, to stimulate discussion of important issues and to publicise what people have found helpful in helping them lead ordinary lives – and what didn’t work.

I will be writing from my own experience, both personal and professional. but I want to hear from you about anything you think is relevant.

What are the big issues for you around your disability or that of someone close to you? What has helped you live the life you want to live, what has got in the way  and what has helped you get over or round obstacles?

it would be great if you continue to read my posts. and even better if you get in touch!



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